Ninety five percent of everything we have such as the food we eat, the furniture we sit on the clothes we wear will have been transported by a lorry at some point. Technology is having a major impact with innovations such as GPS, and robotics with many roles becoming multi skilled.

It is estimated that over one million people will be working in the logistics industry within the next five years offering a wide and growing range of opportunities. Redditch is the location ofa depot for the largest frozen food haulier in Europe, Nagel Langdons- The company has 11,000 employees across Europer using 9500 vehicles.

Borders don’t stop at Europe, with activities extending into Russia, U.S and beyond.

Andy ONeill Training Manager at Nagel Langdons says,” logistics is a fantastic industry to work in. There are a wide variety of different roles and employees get the opportunity to work across Europe.”


During the visit students will have the opportunity to look at the lorries from the inside, receive a presentation on the logistics industry, see how the depot works and have the chance to hear from current employees about their roles and how they got to be there.


Warehousing I Administration I Transport Planning Customer service I Stock Administration I Management

There are also opportunities to work at HQ in Somerset within the business.

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